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This spring, Alan Wexelblat of the MIT Media Lab, and Dr. Marc Cavazza of France's Thompson CSL lab, ran a workshop on Gesture at the User Interface at the CHI-95 conference in Denver CO. Thirteen participants from the US, Canada, Japan and several European countries discussed issues related to an ongoing research program in understanding and using empty-handed gesture as part of an interface to computational devices.

The gesture research community is small and fragmented. The workshop was a first step in drawing together people doing research in the area of gestures and interfaces to computers. The organizers plan to hold another workshop in two years' time (to give attendees' work time to mature). In the interim, a book is planned to describe in more detail the work being done by the attendees.

  • The original workshop CFP.
  • The list of attendees (with pictures).
  • Wex's writeup of the talks and discussion from the workshop.
  • Resources

  • Alan Wexelblat's bibliography
  • Search Axel Mulder's bibliography

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