This on-line copy directly reflects the dissertation that was handed in on May 5th as the final step of finishing my Ph.D. in Media Arts & Sciences at the MIT Media Lab. The dissertation is available in 2 forms: HTML (one page per chapter, some chapters with in-lined images, most not) and binary PDF (Adobe's Acrobat's Portable Document Format).

Personally, I recommend looking at the PDF files; the HTML is only available if you want to read the text quickly. Due to conversion issues, most of the images in the thesis didn't make it into the HTML files (this was done in early 1995; the state of the art in Web tools was, well, lacking...), so only the PDF files reflect the contents accurately.

Happy reading, and comments always appreciated.

Wave's Dissertation Outline

front matter

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:
Related Work

Chapter 3
Modeling in WavesWorld

Chapter 4:
An Agent-Based Approach to Building Behaviors

Chapter 5:
Contributions, Conclusions & Future Directions



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