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I personally recommend the following places for boards with up to 8 layers:

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Quick-Turn Houses

The following is a compilation made by Joe Paradiso of recommendations (email headers deleted):

Advanced Circuits

Subject: Re: Quick turnaround board houses

Try  Advanced Circuits
.  They have on-line quotes in real time, allow you to submit data
the same way that AP circuits does, and allow you to choose your lead
time/price combination.


Tech Circuits, Inc.

Subject: Re: Quick turnaround board houses

We recently used these guys to turn around some boards
overnight and they did a good job at a decent price.


Tech Circuits, Inc.
Silversmith Park
340 Quinnipiac St.
P.O. Box 309
Wallingford, CT 06492


Voice            ( 203 ) 269-3311
Fax              ( 203 ) 284-9389
BBS             ( 203 ) 269-6659
Email    sales@tech-ckts.com

Wallingford is about 1.5 hours south of Amherst, right off I-91.  They
specialize in low quantity, moderate-to-fast turnaround of prototype
board runs.  We got boards out of them overnight.  Their reputation is
good and our boards were fine.

Subject: Re: Quick turnaround board houses

Call now:

Texas Circuitry
3524 Dividend Drive
Garland, TX 75042
Work:	972 276-8244
E-Mail:	txcircuitry@att.net
Contact: Ollie Ashley

Tell him Rob sent you.  They did 200 "orb" boards,
with silkscreen, solder mask, ROUND cutout with a
48 hour turn for $800.  I think their minimum is
$350 (non-rush), which will still be more than AP, 
but they do great work.  

To save time, you can even zip/email the files to
them now, then call them and ask about pricing and
schedule.  If you have an agreement, they'll already
have the files.

Good luck.

- Rob

Accutek Microcircuit Corp.
2 New Pasture Rd.
Suite 1
Newburyport, MA 01950-4054


Now that all 1500 of our galvactivators are finished, I'd like to take the
time to recommend highly the fabrication house that I hired for the
electronics production.

It was important for me to find a local house for this job, as it was huge
and I wanted to keep a close eye on it.  After some searching, I found
Accutek Microcircuit Corp. in Newburyport, Mass.

I couldn't have been happier with the experience that I had there.  Not only
were the prices very fair, but the staff were extremely gracious and easy to
work with.  There were all kinds of weird aspects to this project, ranging
from different parts arriving at random points in the production
schedule --- to finishing the job by soldering the circuit into a strange
glovelike device!

Accutek is capable of large and small-scale jobs, both turnkey and
consignment.  They are also very willing to work with us on unusual jobs
like this one, that require a marriage of technology and fashion.  They were
on time, very flexible, and very open to having me coming by to check up on
them regularly.  The quality control was impeccable -- after checking all
1500 units last night, our team only found *one* which didn't work.

In short, I highly recommend this company for future jobs.


And in case you still haven't found a place, here are some random listings:

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