Powers of Ten
The Vatican Art Collection
How Stuff Works
LaughLab Results
The Alphabet
Optical IllusionWorks
George Goble: World's fastest BBQ lighting
Cajun Deep Fried Turkey - ! WARNING !
The Smithsonian (Wired)
The Ballon Hat Project
The Radioactive Boy Scout
Names of Animal Groups
Find your Antipode
The Confluence Project
Poison Hot Line Tales
Name Generators (List from Yahoo)
M$ Help vs. Psychic Friends
Valley Girl, Jive, etc., Dialect Translation
Another Dialect Translator
The Institute of Official Cheer
Dave Barry ( Xmas Gifts 2000, 2001 )
The Iron Chef
Mona Lisa Overdrive: Variations on a theme
The Rocket Car
The Calvin Bookshelf of science books
IBM Chip Art Gallery
Overload !
Klein Bottles
Stick Figure Romeo & Juliet (5MB flash download)
Condiment Packet Museum
Hubble Telescope Pictures
Geek History told through T-Shirts
Holistic Computing
Despair, Inc.
Archive of the Web

And in a more serious (but still very random) vein:

The U.S.A. Constitution (plus related links)
PeaceFire: Net Censorship begins at home and school
Project Vote Smart
National Debt Clock
Hate-Free Zone
FBI Files (e.g. see their file on A. Einstein)
Engineering Anomilities Research
Disturbances in the Force

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