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The Cheops Imaging System is a compact, modular platform for acquisition, real-time processing, and display of digital video sequences and model-based representations of moving scenes. It is a laboratory tool and a prototype hardware and software architecture for future programmable video processors. Cheops abstracts out a set of basic, computationally intensive stream operations that may be performed in parallel and embodies them in specialized hardware. In order to simplify programming, a resource management daemon handles the real-time scheduling and allocation.

Cheops was developed as part of the Television of Tomorrow consortium at the MIT Media Lab.

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Tools Software Environment

Magic7 Operating System

Norman Resource Manager


System System Overview

P2 Processor Module

O1 Output Module

M1 Memory Module

I1 Input Module

H1 HiPPI Module

Hardware Design Tools Hardware Design Tools

Cast of Characters

Prof. V. Michael Bove, Jr.
John A. Watlington

The number of MIT students and affiliates that have been involved with Cheops over the years is quite large. This list is not complete, by any means. If you want to add your name/link, send me mail or see the note at the bottom of this page.

Introducing, in alphabetical order, the :

Current Graduate Students

Stefan Agamanolis
Ken Kung
John Watlington

Current UROPs

Mark Lee

Send mail to if looking for a UROP !


Shawn Becker
Alan Blount
Teresa Chang
Brett Granger
Gregory Hewlett
Araz "H.I.C." Inguilizian
Irene Shen
Carlton J. Sparrell
Jeffrey Wong
Ross Yu 1/17/96
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