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This is a listing of the papers and articles that I have (for one reason or another) saved in my files, as well as a few books. I maintain this for my own use, but there's no reason to keep it private. May you find it useful !


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For author field, you can specify multiply authors separated by commas. A paper will match only if all of the authors match. An author must match a whole word, so that ``smith'' will not match ``Smithy.'' Because first names are often abbreviated in bibliographies, it is safer to search only on last names.

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This is the entire list (around 150 KB), arranged in no particular order except by the loose filing system that I use. These are the categories I currently support :

Arithmetic / Q Coding
Hardware Architectures for Entropy Coders
Structured Video
Vector Quantization
Image Processing Algorithms
Multiprocessor Image Processing Architectures
Multiprocessor Image Processing Chips
Multiprocessor Image Processing Systems
Miscellanious Image Processing Systems
Circuit Techniques
Reconfigurable Hardware
Miscellanious Hardware
Low Level Vision
High Level Vision
Parallel Algorithms
Constant Color
Distributed Systems
Computer Graphics Algorithms
Computer Graphics Hardware
Resource Management
Graphics Architectures Binder
Image Processing Binder
Visual Image Processing Binder
Vector Quantization Binder #1
Vector Quantization Binder #2

This online bibliography was built using the bib2html converter and the accompanying search engine, written by David Hull. It was customized for this installation (support for a filing system added.) Members of the Media Lab community can examine my installation at: /mas/garden/grad/wad/home/txt/bib/ .

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