Upcoming revisions to Ullmer dissertation

I completed my dissertation in a period of great intensity. Looking back a few months after completion, I was embarassed to find a number of references and citations that I inadvertently ommitted, and also several characterizations of related work that I feel should be revised.

I held back on making the dissertation widely accessible for several months in part to make these changes, and am now (July 2003) actively working on these. Once these changes are made, I'll notate the "second edition" in the text and from the dissertation home page.

Meanwhile, time passes, and I offer the dissertation online in its present, original form.

I'm also happy to note that my full paper submission on tangible query interfaces to INTERACT'03 was accepted. My TOCHI journal submission has also been reviewed as "likely to be accepted". I'll link these from here once they're published.

Enjoy, and feel encouraged to contact me with any thoughts, suggestions, comments, etc.!

Brygg Ullmer