Statistical Graphics and Visualization, Spring 2002

Tom Minka, Statistics Dept
William Eddy, Statistics Dept

Teaching Assistants:
Fang Chen

Lectures: Monday and Wednesday, 12:30-1:20, Doherty Hall 2105
Computer labs: Tuesday, 12:30-1:20, Baker Hall 140c or 332p

1/14Overview; visualizing state populations
1/16Graphing distributions: stripchart, histogram, kernel density
1/23Understanding distributions: outliers, modes, transformation
1/28Comparing values: pies, bars, and dots; visual perception
1/30Scatterplot design: transformation, axes, symbols
2/4Scatterplot smoothing
2/6Time series plots
2/11Multiple time series
2/13Plots for three-dimensional data
2/18Smoothing for three-dimensional data; surface plots
2/20Interpreting contour plots
2/25Principles of good graphics
2/27How to lie with graphs
3/4Visualizing contingency tables
3/6Elements of a map
3/11Map projections
3/13Map symbols
3/18The science of color
3/20Statistical maps
3/25Dynamic maps
3/27Relating census data to geography, air pollution case study
4/8Making smooth maps
4/10Outliers and interactions (review)
4/15Interactive graphics, brushing
4/17Visualizing airplane flights
4/22Flying through data
4/24Multivariate visualization: projection and slicing
4/29Pittsburgh area map, fractals
5/1Where do we go from here

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