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Tomoko Koda
at the top of Mt. Fuji (August 22, 1999)

Current address:

JST CREST Universal Design of Digitalcity Project
Ishida-lab. Department of Social Informatics, Kyoto University
Kyoto, Japan
tomoko at acm dot org

I am currently conducting an open web experiment called "The Universal Character Experiment." (2004/10/08)
Infomation below is out-of-date.


I was a master's student at the MIT Media Laboratory from September, 1994 to August, 1996. I worked for Prof. Pattie Maes in the Software Agents Group.

My Master's Thesis

Java poker game

 Thanks for all the all the participants who gave me valuable comments and feedback. The Java Poker Game ended its mission. If you are interested in the result of the poker project, please check out the result by downloading my master's thesis.

Agents with Faces: A Study on the Effects of Personification of Software Agents

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