I finished my Ph.D. (Thesis: Sensing and Modeling Human Networks, Thesis Committee: Prof. Alex Pentland, Prof. Michael Kearns and Prof. Thomas Allen) in August 2003. I was a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab, working with Professor Alex (Sandy) Pentland

I am interested in systems that can learn how humans behave and interact with their environment and with each other. These systems will then be able to use this knowledge to interact with and take actions on humans to achieve some desired effect. In my research I am exploring the possibilities of using  three sets of tools -- (i) perceptual sensors that give us features of human behavior and interactions, (ii) computational models that can extract patterns/structure from these features and learn behavioral models, and (iii) interdisciplinary approach and insight into modeling and understanding complex interactive networks -- to understand the  structural relationships among interacting groups of people in smart environments, and ways to take actions which bring about some desired effects or achieve desired goals.