My Tangible Interface projects

A class by Hiroshi Ishii, taken in Fall 2000

Project 0:
Personal Information Link to Lie On, the perfect user interface for sleepy people...
[ poster (PDF) ]
Proposal for project 1a:
Agent & the Magic Lamp
Aladdin's rubbing and tapping interface to the genies of today, mobile agents.
[ poster (PDF) ]
Proposal for project 1b:
Genie Beads
A haptic interface based on the mala. Intended also to interface with mobile agents, perhaps in a more subconscious way.
[ poster (PDF) ]
Project 1:
Agent & the Magic Lamp
More about Aladdin's lamp as an interface for mobile agents: it's design, technology, interaction, and scenarios.
[ poster (PDF) ]
Proposal for final project:
WeatherTank and Message in a Bottle

Two ideas for tangible user interfaces in non-literate settings: WeatherTank visualizes weather forecasts, Message in a Bottle is a unconventional voicemail system based on a simple water bottle.
[ powerpoint presentation (PPT) ]
Final project:

The working prototype of our WeatherTank.
[ first paper (5 pages, PDF)]
[ second paper (2 pages, PDF)]
[ unedited demo video (RealVideo)] [ YouTube ]

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