Autonomous Interactive Intermediaries: Videos

Stefan Marti, MIT Media Lab

These videos are illustrations of my doctoral work at the MIT Media Lab on Autonomous Interactive Intermediaries, a large research project in context-aware computer-mediated call control.

NEW: Squirrel scenario and system

System, 1 minutes 46 secs [video] [direct link]

This video shows how the squirrel works with some of the other sub-systems of the Autonomous Interactive Intermediary. The video was done by the talented Jaewoo Chung and the whole current Speech Interface Group. Thanks! :-)


Sitting, 9 secs [WMV 1,138kb ]

This video shows a 360-degree view of the squirrel, and a close up of its eye.

Sequence, 33 secs [WMV 3,682kb]

This is a sequence of squirrel waking up, trying to get attention (unsuccessfully), and then falling asleep again.

Interruption, 19 secs [WMV 2,114kb]

This video shows a user holding the squirrel, getting interrupted, and having a short interaction with it. (No audio.)

GUI, 32 secs [WMV 3,666kb]

The animatronics interface allows manual manipulation of all DOFs, but also creation of short sequences (primitive behaviors, e.g., winking), and compositing primitives into complex sequences and loops (e.g., waking up).


On hand, 11 secs [MOV 3,158kb] [WMV 2,469kb]

In this video, the bunny is held by the user, looking up left and right, fully awake, trying to get her attention.

Left eye, 12 secs [MOV 3,476kb] [WMV 2,645kb]

This closeup shows an eye during a segment where the bunny is medium agiated (beginning), and then getting more active (end).

Headshakes, 13 secs [MOV 3,700kb] [WMV 2,837kb]

This segment shows the bunny in a situation where there caller hung up, and the animatronics is a bit confused, shaking its head, calming down slowly.

Right eye, 18 secs [MOV 5,024kb] [WMV 3,605kb]

In this closeup of the right eye, the animatronics is awake, but still a bit sleepy, but getting more and more active.

Sequence, 52 secs [MOV 14,905kb] [WMV 9,158kb]

In this longer segment, the bunny is asleep, breathing, then wakes slowly up, gets more and more active, with eyes full open. Since it does not get a user reaction, it calms down again, slowly.

Squirrel and Bunny mechanics and skeleton

Close up eye , 3 secs [MOV 948kb] [WMV 853kb]

This short segment shows the tiny upper and lower eyelids, both actuated by a micro servo.

Skeleton 1, 11 secs [MOV 3,166kb] [WMV 2,373kb]

In this (and the following) segment, the agility of the animatronics is shown. Although it is able to move with high speeds, the animatronics seems more life-like when not moving too fast.

Skeleton 2, 11 secs [MOV 3,300kb] [WMV 2,501kb]

This is a similar segment which shows the animatronics' degrees of freedom without the bunny skin.


Pirate, 116 secs [MOV 7,279kb] [WMV 19,988kb]

This video is from an early presentation about the concept of an embodied communication intermediary, Robotic P.A.C.E.. It clearly shows a fun aspect of this project... ;-)

Internals, 37 secs [WMV 3,922kb]

This video shows a 360-degree view of the parrot skeleton and skin.

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