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Squirrel's may be next innovation in cellular technology!

Current mobile communication devices do not grab our attention in a socially appropriate way. They could be disrespectful of ongoing social activity such as an important meeting or private dinner. To improve on this, I have built the Cellular Squirrel, a system where the agent that controls my cellphone is embodied in a small portable animatronic device, as a personal 'companion' for the user. This embodiment is able to use the same subtle but still public non-verbal cues to get our attention and interrupt us like humans would do (like eye gaze and small gestures), instead of ringing or vibration. The user can whisper and listen to her squirrel, receiving and replying to voice instant messages. If the user wishes, she can also bypass the Intermediary altogether and get into a synchronous voice communication with the caller by simply talking to the embodiment.

The Cellular Squirrel is the latest prototype of an Autonomous Interactive Intermediary, which is a software and robotic agent that helps the user manage her mobile communication channels. This is my dissertation project, built when I was part of the Speech Interface Group, headed by Chris Schmandt, at MIT's Media Lab.

Extremely cool stuff. I would love to have a small furry animal sitting on my counter that answers my calls for me! What do you think though? Is this going to be something useful in everyday life, or will it just be another one of those things that slightly perks a couple peoples interest, maybe creates a lukewarm off-shoot product then fades from public view in it's entirety within a couple months of it's inception?

I want one. They're so cute!
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What I want is one ythat detects when i'm doing somthing I really don't want to do and calls me and gives me an excuse to do somthing else
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Nexxo enjoyed chilled

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If your mobile has an alarm function, just set it before the meeting and pretend the chime is an incoming call.

That squirrel is freaky...
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