Feb 18th-20th, 2005
Arlington, Virginia

Feb 25th-27th, 2005
Orlando, Florida

Anime Express
March 18th-20th, 2005
Orlando, Florida

Sogen Con
May 20th-22nd, 2005
Marshall, Minnesota


July 15th-17th, 2005
West Hartford, Connecticut

Northern Anime
July 23rd-24th, 2005
Oshawa, Ontario

Otakon 2005
August 19th-21st, 2005
Baltimore, MD

CN Anime 2005
August 26th-28th, 2005
Toronto, Ontario


Newest Comic

Thursday, September 15, 2005 11:18 PM - Nintendo Just died

Nintendo's new controller is out. Congratulations Nintendo, you've created what looks like a sex toy. Complete with rumble pack. Well, it was a fun company while it lasted.

Edit: For those who don't belive me. *NOT WORK SAFE* look for yourself *NOT WORK SAFE*

On the plus side Sam & Max is back! : D

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 7:15 AM - Kupo

So how about those Children? I hear they're Advent. Downloaded Advent Children just because I couldn't wait two fucking days. (Edit: Looks like the NA release date is in the winter. Glad I watched it now!) Loved it. Definitely going to buy it when it comes out.

Talking to Dave about his yesterday. How it's sad that this Final Fantasy movie was better than the piece of shit released in theaters. Trouble is over here you get some retardo people trying to put their vision into the franchise. Then turning what was great into complete crap. Because the story that made it famous clearly wasn't good enough.

Best part of Advent Children though? The cell phone ring. And speaking of phones, it's the squirrel phone. What a novel idea.

Oh and this is most fun.

Edit: Also ZeAds is looking for someone to fill a sales position. Experienced applicants only.

Monday, September 12, 2005 3:49 AM - Visual boner.

To say Xero's work is fantastic would be a vast understatement. It's a rat flail. Lastly Konsekai Swordwaltzer, Konsekai Swordwaltzer, Konsekai Swordwaltzer!

Edit: Bleaargh, It's River City Ransom people. Read a rom! Blame Ian.. Just because.

Saturday, September 10, 2005 12:43 PM - Throw baby

The Indigo Prophecy Demo just released. It comes out next week for PC and X-Box and I must say I can't fucking wait. Plays like if a Lucasarts adventure game were turned into a dramatic movie. It's really quite a new experience. Highly recommend giving it a download.

Also Damn it to hell. Why do they always make the lead kid sound like Ask Ketchum. Grainy and whiney. Bleh...

Monday, September 5, 2005 9:34 AM - Oh em gee

Another cartoon comic? Golly, how terribly lame of me. No really I'll get back to the game stuff next week. Put away the pitch forks.

And wow, everyone certainly is in a giving mood. A REALLY giving mood. Why break the trend, eh? Just watch out for Paypal donations. They like to take those and run for the hills.

Lastly a few fun mario links. The Super Mario Super Show and Mario Raps.

Edit: I keept forgeting to post this gem. Super awesome art San did and I REALLY need to update the fanart because of this. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 4, 2005 8:23 AM - Motion Picturephone

Two really awesome movies just came out of DVD recently. The first is Kung Fu hustle. This is a Kung Fu comedy movie with some really high production value. Got a few laughs out of me and just a really fun movie to watch. I think PSP has it on umd too but who cares. PSP video works just as well.

The other is Sin City. The fact I missed this in theaters is practically criminal. Simply love the art style in this thing. And if that wasn't enough the writing is also way above par. I swear though, with all the narration I thought Max Payne would pop out.. Oh and Elijah Wood is a creepy killer, who can't love that?

Just thought I'd share.

Thursday, September 1, 2005 0:31 AM - HULK SMASH

So anyway I did an interview for Otaku Generation. Moments before I went to sleep mind you. So I'm incoherent at best. Me stoopid.

Been a bit since I've talked gaming. LET US FIX THAT.

Finally got to try out Geist. I have to say I was quite unimpressed. I loved the idea behind this game. You're a ghost trying to make it's way through a facility. While doing so you can posses people, animals, and even objects. Each of these things will give you special powers an abilities unique to what you're possessing.

The problem with this is that they decide what it is you can posses. The animals and people you take over have to be scared first. To scare them you posses objects but, only certain objects. So instead of free form gameplay it's very much a structred series of events. Booooring.

Had some problems with the controls too. It might just be the Cube's controller but it felt very loose and hard to aim. Lack of audio was a big downer too. Midi sounds and lots of reading. The levels were pretty at least.

'Nother game I've been playing is that new Hulk Ultimate Destruction. This here is a really fun game. Spiderman be damned I like to smash things. Once you've got a nice list of powers under your belt it gets to be REALLY fun. Seriously, beating people with people.

I think there's a story in there. I can't really be bothered with that. Tried it for a good few hours of just going around and smashing the hell out of stuff. Controls so well and feels so good. Definitely recommend at least renting this game.

Lastly there's Kirby Canvas Curse. Finally the DS has an AWESOME game.. Really this thing is SO much fun. With traveling around to cons this year, it's been keeping me busy during airport waits.

Unlike Yoshi touch and Go which moves at a fucking snails pace, this game is fast and entertaining. Uses the DS touch pad in so many ways that are just seamless to gameplay. If you have a DS you NEED this game.

But wow that time trail mode had some frustrations.


Thursday, August 25, 2005 - Yo' mom has invited you to try Google Talk.

Google talk, it's out. I GET IT. So many invites...

So yeah as for an Otakon report. We really didn't move much from our table. Thanks to Machall (and Georgeyboy) for letting me crash with them. Dispite the turkey alarm clock. It got weird.

Spent most of Saturday night hanging out with Ed, Brad, Wayne, Dave, Jay, Dan, Jax, Shawn, Ben, and some other people. Best smash brothers game EVAR. Total pawnage. Dave said the 4chan panel was a must. I was just kinda confused more than anything, especially that dude in a pink cat girl costume. Frightening.

His report covers pretty much everything.

Like I said, most of the time I was down at the booth with Brain and Tim. With a HUGE thanks to ZeStuff for helping us all out with posters and shirts. Pierre is a robot with an unstoppable nuclear core.

Speaking of which the new poster is up for sale in the store. As well the old poster is out in clearance at reduced price. Once it's gone it's gone for good.

Again this weekend...

CN Anime August 26th-28th Toronto, Ontario.

Oh and response to the last comic wasn't so bad, I may keep it. Anyway back to drawing! Penises!

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