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Sunday September 18, 2005 Comments
Hockey mom successful in bid to have her daughter allowed to change in the boy's dressing room. 0 96
Father wins $93 million in the lottery by using the ages of his seven sons as his picks 0 96
Bob Vila to feature a home built to withstand category 5 hurricane on his TV show. Tim Taylor surrenders 0 96
Three people arrested after setting up donation table outside Best Buy and posing as Red Cross workers 0 96
Train derailment. Who knew trains had speed limits? 1 72
Virtual keyboard, the size of a cigarette lighter and projects a keyboard using light onto any flat surface 0 96
Sri Lanka cabinet proposes reducing age of consent to 13. Reason: too many men arrested for having sex with minors 0 96
Slideshow of some of the world's most expensive things, including a $13,000 tea bag 0 96
Wells Fargo MMORPG teaches young people how to manage their money, cope with excrutiating boredom 0 96
Sport's most gruesome injuries. "blood gushed in an arc and created a pool on the ice, causing nine fans to faint and two to suffer heart attacks" 0 96
Ugliest yard can win a $50,000 makeover. "we just need this so bad." 0 96
Never bring a TV to a knife fight 0 96
House fly etched in the bottom of a urinal has reduced spillage by 80 percent. Apparently guys just need an interesting aiming point 3 96
Honda to ship airbag equipped motorcycles. What could possibly go wrong? 0 96
Apparently not all suicide bombers are volunteers 0 96
New Grow game from Eyezmaze. This time it's cubed. 1 96
A silent tectonic shift has moved Vancouver Island out to sea. It may also indicate the "Big One" is on its way 0 96
"We're trying to reinvent Bond. He's 28 - no Q, no gadgets." 0 96
Son of Gov. Jeb Bush arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest. "He was observed to be a danger to himself and others" (pic) 0 96
FEMA orders doctor to stop treating hurricane victims 0 96
Mario + anime + action comic = LOL 2 96
Halle Berry's website sucks almost as much as "Catwoman" 1 95
We knew someone had WMDs. We just didn't know they were in Pittsburgh 0 97
Saturday September 17, 2005 Comments
40,000 years from now, when anthropoligists are digging up the bones of our society, they'll know why it all went wrong when they find the robotic cellular squirrel 0 95
Man robs bank and flees on yellow bike. He GETS AWAY. Note to self, rob bank 0 95
School chairman was wondering why enrollment was so little, until he found the Department of Education listed his school as the "Islamic School of Sex" 0 95
Rescuers discover 76-year-old man trapped in his attic for eighteen days with nothing more than a gallon of water. Says he feels fine, asks for Taco Bell 0 95
Ice sculptures from China's yearly contest 0 95
Would-be robbers may look just like customers, don't be fooled 0 95
If you're going court for killing a city warrant officer, dont bring marijuana with you 0 95
Fraternities facing criticism and cut in pledge turnouts. Whos going streaking!!! *silence* 1 71
Venezuelan president Chavez rips Bush in front of global summit to deafening applause. 0 95
One dead, dozens injured in Chicago train derailment 0 95
Man claims sex discrimination because all of the bosses are women 0 96
Military official says organized gangs from as far away as Miami battled for New Orleans turf & systematically looted banks, museums, & jewelry stores 0 96
Yahoo's new email beats GMail, but Firefox users second class citizens 0 95
Why high-speed cellular networks like Cingular's new EDGE may make WiFi hotspots as obsolete as dial-up very soon 0 96
12-year-old boy runs away from home, tries to board train and escape. And all because he didn't do his homework 0 94
Sperm ships soon to dock off British coast, filled with anonymous semen to fulfill infertile couples' needs 0 94
Planet dissolving 'chaos cloud' headed toward earth! FEMA developing plans to distribute tin foil hats 3 days after it hits 2 94
Patients in rehab center sentenced to 180 days of Courtney Love 0 95
Wooden computer 0 94
Czech town spends 10,000 to build bridge... for three squirrels 0 94
Man plans to sell one of his kidneys to buy a home 0 94
67-year-old man comes out of retirement when his soccer team suddenly needs an extra man 0 94
In Ireland, it's "Zombie-free TV" ..at least until 9pm 0 94
Corrections officer attacks Scooby Doo. Would've gotten away with it, if it weren't for those meddling kids 0 94
Russian president Vladimir Putin longs for Bush (pic) 0 94
Please stop donating pet food for Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. "We are actually overflowing" 0 94
Man spends five years living with his deceased mother to keep her pension. He even imitated an old woman's voice to keep the check coming 0 95

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Sunday Sep 18

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