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Celluar Squirrel - Robotic Call Screener

Techreview_squirrel_medium_1Using Bluetooth technology, The Cellular Squirrel will intercept your mobile calls, chat with the caller and then gesture to you in an unobtrusively adorable way if:  (a) the caller is someone you'd like to talk to (b) they are not about to waste your time with twaddle and (c) the call won't be too disruptive to your current social activity.

For a fur-covered, robotic, personal secretary the Cellular Squirrel is a pretty smart fella; but his glassy dead eyes give me the heebie-jeebies. (Not that I blame him, mind you, I had much the same expression when I was answering phones for a living).  -[Star C. Foster]

The Cellular Squirrel is part of the Autonomous Interactive Intermediaries  project [via Gizmodo]

July 18, 2005 in Gadgets | Permalink