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Robotic Cellular Secretary

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techreview_squirrel_medium.jpgThis squirrelbot is a part of Stefan Marti’s “Autonomous Interactive Intermediary” project, where a robot serves as the interfact between you and your cell phone. When your buddies call you, the squirrel checks their number against a list you’ve pre-approved, and asks them some questions to deem importance. If it doesn’t think the call is worth your time, voicemail kicks in; but otherwise, it will try to get your attention through gestures and eye contact. Press its paw, and the speakerphone switches on.

This project is part of Marti’s MIT research, coincidentally, this same researcher was also a proudly-mohawked member of the self-described “most famous Swiss Hardcore Punk band of the 80s.” That instantly injects this project with 100% more cool.

The Cellular Squirrel [Make]

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uhm, why a squirrel? Was it the only animal with a long bushy tail they could hide all their hardware in?
How about a fox? Or a kangaroo they could have a status lcd screen come out of the pouch.

by ORD on 02/17/06 02:16 PM

Excellent! Another practical use for rodents.

by Uncle Bill on 02/17/06 03:41 PM

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