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July 16, 2005

The cellular squirrel

Picture of the cellular squirrel

This little guy is amazing! He's like a little secretary for your mobile phone! How does that work? Well, it's quite complicated...so I'll try to explain...

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He's bluetooth enabled, so he connects to your mobile phone wirelessly. Once connected he sits and waits for a call...when one arrives, he'll answer and ask what they want - listening to the caller's reply for keywords you've specified, he'll check caller-id to find the caller's phone number...he'll then look that number in his address book to see who the caller is. He'll then use his sensors to listen to the conditions in the room you're in - if it sounds like you're busy talking to someone in real life, he'll ask the caller to leave a message. If it sounds like you're not busy - or he judges the call to be important, he'll alert you to the call so you can answer it and speak to the caller yourself. The more important he judges the caller to be - the more animated he'll be about getting your attention. He has a built in speakerphone, so you only have to press his paw to answer the call - then you can speak normally. At the minute, it's just a prototype (they also have a parrot and rabbit version)...but I'd buy something that did this (maybe not in the form of fluffy squirrel though)

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