MAS.863 How to make (almost) anything.
Assignment Sept 8, 1999: Create a new body organ for yourself.
Stefan Marti

The Zero-G Eye.


I want to have additional visual perspectives of my environment.

Currently, I am restricted through the position of my eyes in about what I actually see. If I would have an additional third eye that is not physically connected to my body, I would have the possibility to look at myself from above or from a perspective in front of me.


One or several small flying devices, very quiet and unobtrusive, less than 10 cm in diameter, which just hover constantly above me and follow me. They are speech controlled, so that I can tell them "Go higher," "Turn left" etc. They have small video cameras mounted on them and transmit this signal to my watch that has a built in LCD screen. The watch holds also a microphone. The speech is evaluated in the watch and the navigation signals are sent to the Zero-G eye.

Parts list

Design study one: Donut UFO

TrueSpace rendering of three Zero-G eyes in Donut shape.
The dome in the middle of the four ducted fans contains all the electronic parts as well as the micro camera.

Design study two: Spheres

TrueSpace rendering of a Zero-G eye in sphere shape.
The four ducted fans are hidden in the fuselage, making the vessel more secure.

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