+Art (1997)

+Art is a unique display media for the black and white art of Radek Szczesny. A collaborative project with Rebecca Ross and Eric Plosky, +Art is made from six networked Macintosh Plus computers, arranged in a three-by-two grid and placed within a wooden jail. Running custom software, +Art uses the screens of all six computers as a large display space, and runs a slideshow of nine paintings. This piece was shown at NYU's Gallatin Art Show in 1997.

The software is available here: [binary] [source]

It is provided without warranty, and is made to run under System 7 on a Mac Plus with 4MB or RAM. It may work under other versions of the MacOS, or on other computers, but I have not tested it. If you use it, or find it useful, please send me email at spiegel@media.mit.edu.

All pictures and software is Copyright Dana Spiegel, 1997.

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