a 3d, live, dynamic visualization for social interaction online

progress report two

I have implemented a GL based visualization engine in java using the Magician OpenGL toolkit. Using the framework I developed for progress report 1, I integrated the visualization engine on top of the data stream from my IRC bot.

The program now allows you to rotate the group's representation around the origin, while the group representation updates in real time. In each of the pictures above, each "circle" is a time slice (every second in the first three frames, every tenth of a second for the last two). Each point on the circle represents a person participating in the chat at that time. Their radial distance and saturation are based on their posting rate (posts/minute), which is computed using a sliding 5 minute window.

The next step will be to include other group and individual statistical information in the visualization. I would also like to investigate other types of statistics to visualize.