Social Visualization                                                                                       October 14, 1999



Judith Donath

  1. popout phenomenon
  2. “things we have in common”
    1. perceptual features
    2. gestalt/environmental features
    3. cultural features

                                                               i.      group of people who share same meanings of icons in some context

  1. self imposed vs. externally imposed representation
    1. set of attributes
    2. clothing the invisible avatar...
  2. real vs. virtual crowd
    1. real city doesn’t move
    2. virtual crowd shapes space (links, people viewing different pages)
  3. features of virtual crowd
    1. collision detection

                                                               i.      newsgroup

1.      polite-always walking around others

2.      abrasive-no collision detection

    1. being surrounded by people? Ambient feel