Ubiquitous Computing, Augmented Reality

Judith Donath

December 1, 1999


  1. Ubiquitous Computing is the opposite of VR
    1. Mark Weiser
    2. Bill Buxton (U of Toronto)

                                                               i.      Video communication

                                                             ii.      Video of Person "stopping by" appearing over door

1.      lack of effort of appearing in your space

2.      Too much physical instantiation and not enough idea behind

3.      Convey information w/o interruption

4.      affordances of media

    1. Multiple Screens?

                                                               i.      What does it mean to have many screens around your space?

                                                             ii.      Lack of physical interaction/greeting

1.      inTouch

2.      Share physical activities, eat, walk, negotiating environment together.

    1. Reflections Of Presence

                                                               i.      Shared virtual space

                                                             ii.      Third vs. First person view

    1. Video Conferencing

                                                               i.      More than two cameras: problem with orientation

    1. PRoP, Blimp


personal object that you touch to ask for an interaction with another person. Heat transferal. Object gets warmer when when other person “picks up” (their personal object). Initially for greeting. Perhaps if you wanted to emphasize a point, then you would pick up your object, and the other person’s object would light up or make a sound (a remotely observable action), that could be mediated by the other person picking up their object.