Waiting for Goatzilla
MIT Media Lab
Synthetic Characters Group

Here is a short video clip (YouTube, WMV, QuickTime).

In the clip, captured entirely from the Synthetic Characters behavior system, goatzilla is performing actions that he has discovered satisfy his various drives: hunger, pain avoidance, the desire to dominate other creatures, and so on.  When the "mouse pointer of Fate" comes in and cranks up his hunger drive, goatzilla is stymied.  He'd like to eat sheep and there aren't any left.  But his time/rate learning mechanism has taught him that kicking the shed reliably leads to the appearance of sheep. So he kicks the shed anticipating the sheep, out they come, there's a feeding frenzy, and goatzilla rejoices.

(The timing in the director's cut is a lot cuter.)

Technical and Artistic Direction
Robert Burke and Scott Eaton

Produced By
The Synthetic Characters Group
The Media Lab, MIT
Advisor: Bruce Blumberg

Graduate Students
Marc Downie, Damian Isla, Yuri Ivanov, Michael Patrick Johnson, Bill Tomlinson

Undergraduate Students
Matt Berlin, Jesse Gray

Additional Animators
Phil McDarby, Jed Wahl, Geoffrey Beatty

Aileen Kawabe

Special Thanks
Gary McDarby, Daragh McDonnell, Ari Benbesat

(c) 2001 Synthetic Characters Group
The Media Lab, MIT