Sean Follmer
Jinha Lee
Natan Linder
Pol Pla
Edwina Portocarreo
Concept: Compass
Urban meditation through disorientation.

We live in a hipper connected society. Get lost! is a mediatation tool that looks at disorientation as an opportunity for exploration, thus engaging people to walk outside and have a closer connection with their environment. The user sets the amount of time desired and the compass directs her on a random walkabout that ends at the same point of origin.
Get Lost! integrates a physical device with an android handset. It generates a random path that fits the amount of time chosen by the user by connecting to the Google Maps API, actuating the needle to guide you through.
The system contains an arduino chipboard controlling a servo motor that positions the needle and a vibrator motor, a usb to bluetooth to make the connection between the android handset and the compass wireless, and is powered by rechargeable batteries.
To generate the new route, the user turns the time dial to set the length of the route to be taken.
Get losts needle directs the user through a path chosen unknown to her, that will ultimately end at the point of origin.