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Sean Follmer

Sean Follmer is a Masters student in the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab under Prof. Horoshi Ishii. His research looks at how we can integrate physical objects into the digital design process more seamlessly and how new interfaces for rapid prototyping machines will increase access to end users and children. In collaboration with NOKIA Research, he is exploring how children can connect at a distance through play, storytelling and artifact creation. He is studying how digital and tangible interfaces can create stronger relationships for long distance families as well as empowering children as authors and designers.
He holds a BS in Engineering, Product Design and a minor in Computer Science from Stanford University. While at Stanford he researched with the HCI group working on prototyping tools for physical computing and with Nokia Research on networked toys. His research has been presented at ACM CHI, UIST, IDC, NIME, SIGACESS, and the Maker Faire.

Research Interests

Human Computer Interaction, Tangible User Interfaces, Design Tools for Rapid Physical Prototyping, Creativity Tools for Children, Family Communications