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Wearable Situation Aware Terminal

The project is composed of two primary elements. A wireless head mounted video display that is part of the spacesuit named WearSAT and a spaceborne extravehicular wireless network with an intravehicular IT backbone called CoCoS (Computer Communications System) for the International Space Station.

The WearSAT uses a low power embedded RISC microprocessor, IEEE 802.11B wireless network, VGA head mounted near eye microdisplay and 1 Gigabyte microdrive storage. The entire element is designed to fit comfortably inside the EMU spacesuit for operation during EVA of up to 10 hours. Operation of the wearable terminal is performed by remote control across the wireless network by an experienced co-worker who has trained with the astronaut and is qualified to deliver visual information in support of the mission when requested by the EVA crew member. A single push button worn on the outside of the suit provides basic control of the visual display.

CoCoS is a wireless networked infrastructure that extends an ISS based information database to support EVA missions by delivering text, graphics, checklists, video, and instrumentation data on demand (space to space). Interface to the current and future ISS networks allows for space to ground and ground to space collaboration. Using access points, central and remote bridging and wireless clients this wireless infrastructure can support 3 EVA crew members, remote video cameras, sensors, instrumentation and control devices.

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