Steven J. Schwartz with Smart Vest Wearable Computer

Steven J. Schwartz

Research Scientist 1998 - 2002
Visiting Scientist 2002

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT Media Laboratory

Steven Schwartz
Turbogizmo, LLC
Centreville, Virginia
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Selected Research Projects


Overview: Space to Space Communications System, Wearable Computer and Head Mounted Display (HMD) in support of Collaborative Situation Awareness designed for Astronauts engaged in Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) on the International Space Station (ISS)
Scientific American Frontiers   Interview with Alan Alda
MIT Media Lab Link to video    You can also follow the link for "Astronauts" on the MIT web page for Prof. Alex (Sandy) Pentland
Scientific American Frontiers: You can Make It On Your Own. Never Forget a Face        PBS transcript      PBS Video: American Spacesuit

Link to Wearsat story on BBC:  Intelligent space suits on the horizon
Link to Wearsat story from New Scientist: Wearable computer could rescue lost spacewalkers
the next generation research platform for wearable computing using context awareness
Link to MIThril story on Slashdot:

Modular Low-Power Wearable Computer Based on the StrongArm Processor
Link to ISWC conference site 2001 in Zurich:
  • Research Interests
  • Wearable Computers
  • Human Systems Interaction
  • Motion Picture and Video Production and Post Production Technology
  •  C4ISR in Mobile Environments ( especially when using highly integrated wearable computing )
  • Selected Publications
    The WearARM Modular, Low-Power Computing Core
  • P. Lukowicz, S. Schwartz, U. Anliker, R. DeVaul, G. Troster, IEEE Micro, May-June, 2001, 0272-1732

    "Is There Space for Wearables?" Invited Keynote IEEE 6th International Symposium on Wearable Computers
    S. J. Schwartz, J. A. Hoffman, E. Hodgson, P. A. Ronzani, Seattle, WA, 2002

    Wearables in 2048, Steven J. Schwartz,
    March 2001, Volume 44, Number 3   
    Communications of the ACM

    I, PC. By Christina Wood.
    Popular Science    March 2002

    Wearable Phased Arrays for Sound Localization and Enhancement
    Sumit Basu, Steve Schwartz and Alex Pentland       Presented at IEEE ISWC 2000    Abstract Only
    The full paper is available from IEEE at:

    M.I.T. Media Laboratory TR #504: The Smart Vest: Towards a Next Generation Wearable Computing Platform
    Steven J. Schwartz and Alex Pentland (July 1999)                  
    5/2000 Update to TR #504

    US Patent 5,844,824
    Hands-free, portable computer and system

    Bio - Steven J. Schwartz

    Steve Schwartz with Space Shuttle Main Engine Steven J. Schwartz is a Senior Engineering Executive and Research Scientist at the forefront of Computer, Communications
    and Media technology. For over twenty-five years, He has been instrumental in the creation of many technical innovations
    for the television and film industry and continues to pave the way for the emerging field of wearable computers.

    Steven Schwartz held the notable position of Chief Video Engineer at Lucasfilm LTD, where he pioneered video editing
    and music scoring systems for use in film and video production and designed key portions of the technical infrastructure
    for Skywalker Ranch. Steve Schwartz recently held the position of Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory and led a team of researchers to develop breakthrough wearable computing technology including the development of a novel solution for delivering high fidelity, hands-free visual information to Astronauts performing Extra-Vehicular Activities on the International Space Station.

    In 2002 Steven Schwartz was among "30 R&D Stars to Watch" profiled by Industry Week Magazine and cited by the MIT News Office.

    Steve Schwartz Work Experience

    General DynamicsFuture Force Warrior ( FFW ) ATD      2003 - Present
    Soldier Borne Systems - Integration Team Management

    Symbol Technologies,  Holtsville, NY                                         2002 - 2003
    Senior Director - R&D

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  Cambridge, MA       1998 - 2002

    Research Scientist - Media Laboratory

    Xybernaut Corporation,  Fairfax, VA                                          1994 - 1998
    Vice President - Research

    The Post Group,  Hollywood , CA                                                 1989 - 1992

    Director of HDTV Research

    Teleproductions Inc., New Orleans, LA                                     1986 - 1989
    Director of Engineering

    Lucasfilm LTD, San Rafael, CA                                                  1983 - 1986
    Chief Video Engineer

    Excalibur Video Systems, Inc., Hollywood, CA                          1979 - 1983
    Vice President of Engineering

    Encore Video, Hollywood, CA                                                       1992

    PIXAR, Richmond, CA                                                                  1993

    Lightworks LTD, Hollywood, CA                                                1993

    Kopin Corporation, Taunton, MA                                                1994

    * Television, motion picture studio and post-production facility design, construction and management.
    * Research and development of new technologies for video and film production and post production.
    * Wearable computer design, prototype construction and manufacturing.
    * HMD design, prototype construction and manufacturing.
    * Product management for video and computer equipment manufacturers.
    * Video, audio and film studio technologist.
    * Producing, directing, editing, color correcting, post production supervision and designing visual effects.
    * Sound system design.
    HDTV research and development.

    Television Broadcast Engineering Program, Merritt College, Oakland, CA 1972-1974

    FCC General Radiotelephone License (First Class)
    Member:  AES    SMPTE    ACM    SPIE    SID 

    Random Information
    Interested in Travel, food and wine, automobiles, laughter
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Berkeley, California
    Favorite Projects
    EditDroid, Lucasfilm LTD.

    Skywalker Ranch, Lucasfilm LTD.
    Star Wars and other Motion Pictures, Lucasfilm LTD.
    MIThril Project, MIT Media Laboratory
    WearARM Project, ETH Zurich Wearable Computing Lab
    Barksdale Air Force Base
    DARPA ETO VGA Monocular HMD, Kopin Corp.
    Wearable Computer rollout Comdex '94
    SIGGRAPH '99 Emerging Technologies
    IEEE ISWC 2002 Keynote Speech, Seattle, WA, October 2002
    ACM1, San Jose
    Consumer Electronics Show 2005 Supersession
    WearSAT / ORLAN RF Susceptibility Test, in collaboration with NASA and Boeing,  Energia, Korolev, Russia
    Books most recently read
    Don't Try This At Home : Culinary Catastrophes from the World's Greatest Chefs  
    Would like to have dinner with
    Alex and African Gray Parrots or Backyard Astronomers

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