Single View Modeling

original uncalibrated view. This image was provided by Peter Broadwell.

59K mpeg miniature animation of the resulting 3-D textured scene.

Here's the 461K gzipped version of the 2.3M OpenInventor ASCII file. Warning: it has lots of texture. For best results when using SGI's SceneViewer use "Sorted Blended Transparency", turn off all lights and turn up ambient light intensity to 100%.

NOTE: My surfaces are defined as rectangular RGBA images. I then render using alpha-Z-buffering to properly visualize non-rectangular polygons. I also use my own camera definition which supports lens distortion and off center principal point. Because of my non-standard scene and camera model OpenInventor has two difficulties in rendering my scenes.

1. Polygon visibility is incorrect. I believe that the only viewing option in OpenInventor that supports alpha'ed textures, renders polygons in back to front order. Since some of my polygons are large, often no sorting exists to maintain proper visibility by sorting alone so the results will look weird in OpenInventor until I break up surfaces into non-overlapping polygons.

2. OpenInventor fails to reproduce a view that exactly matches the original image. I have yet to figure out how to apply a shear matrix to the provided Inventor camera to support off center principal point.

Here's a 461K gzipped wrl file of the same thing. It looks pretty bad on WebSpace for the above reasons, but you get the general idea.