Stardog moon installation - Saoirse Higgins and Ian Gwilt

thestardogged moon

The concept was to produce a contemporary Multimedia interpretation of 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' by Coleridge.

Using the poem as a framework, we explore connections between the tangible and intangible world. This is reflected in the poem by the world of the ancient mariner and the spiritual world into which he enters... and continuing the analogy between the human world in which we exist and the electronic environment of the computer.


A real object based on a ships wheel is used to explore the poem. Making the link between the mariner's voyage of discovery and the users voyage of discovery in the computer environment.

Additional real objects act as 'interaction points' where the user explores different parts of the poem. These points also serve to contextualize and comment upon aspects of the poem to broaden the users awareness of the meaning of the poem.