r>emote is an interactive installation looking at the subtlety of human emotions and energy. Taking this energy I am looking at the bridge between digital and physical worlds -the lack of human emotion and expression in virtual space and our attempts to understand ourselves through science and superstition. The non precise, randomness of human behaviour and emotion is analysed, collated and poured into virtual space to infect it for good.

...The audience walks into a darkened space.They can see four monitoring screens. There is a laboratory type wooden chair with square table. A weighing scales monitors the ambience of the virtual and real space. A biometric sensor takes data from the skin. The emotional level is passed into digital space feeding back a response, personal and particular to their mood and inner energy. This energy is added to the chemistry of the other users energy of the day and changes the ambience in the physical space, which is also poured into the web space....

keywords: explicit outer, implicit inner, non precise human behaviour, emotional climate.

.: r>emote

installation1 emotional balance