Sam Spaulding

Smarter Robots for Engaging Interactions


Outside of school and work….

I'm a big fan of trivia, in which category I include wordplay, coincidences, facts, interesting historical stories, and other random tidbits

I play on MIT's Quiz Bowl team, a competitive intercollegiate academic quiz team, and I have occasionally been known to answer questions for money on TV. I play less competitively with various bar trivia teams around town, sometimes it pays for my tab

I like to explore and talk about different aspects of culture: Books, Movies, Music, Video Games, Memes, Television.

Some of my favorite authors are Dave Eggers, David Foster Wallace, and Haruki Murakami.

You can sometimes find me playing video games (mostly puzzle games or RTS's like Starcraft II) and board games (recently Cosmic Encounter, Munchkin, and Bang!)

I also like to do things outside including, but not limited to: hiking, running, camping, playing frisbee, climbing on playgrounds, exploring interesting buildings, or just sitting around enjoying nice weather.