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I am currently a Research Affiliate at the MIT Media Lab, in the Fluid Interfaces group, run by Prof. Pattie Maes.
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My research revolves around augmenting fingers and hands, wearable computers and more. I am active in the HCI, Augmented Reality, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision communities.

About Me

Until summer 2015 I was a PhD student and research assistant in the MIT Media Lab's Fluid Interfaces group, my advisor was Prof. Pattie Maes. My main interest is in Augmented Reality, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision.

In summer 2014 I spent time with Steelcase Inc. at Grand Rapids MI, researching the implementation of smart manufacturing tools into the production line (as part of my research into smart tools for spray painting, see IEEE Paper, ACM ToG Paper).

In summer 2012 I worked in Microsoft Research at Redmond WA, under the supervision of Dr. Eyal Ofek, researching novel Large-Scale Augmented Reality experiences with Head-Mounted Displays.

In the past I worked as a researcher in the Computer Graphics lab in Tel-Aviv University, under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Cohen-Or and Prof. Ariel Shamir of IDC (see IEEE paper). I was also a researcher in Comverse Innovation, at Comverse LTD, a company developing solutions for telecom service providers.

I was / am a reviewer for: ACM CHI (2014,2015,2016), EuroGraphics (2016), ACM ToCHI (2013), ACM SIGGRAPH Asia (2012), ACM Augmented Human (2014, 2015 & 2016 - PC Member).


Email: roys at media mit edu
Address: 75 Amherst St, MIT E14-548L, Cambridge MA 02142


Much of the opensource projects I started or am part of can be seen on GitHub:
And some gists for shorter things:
I also have more code here:

Find Out More

See my list of publications, and Scholar profile.

See my page in the Fluid Interfaces website.

Visit my blog More Then Technical

A book I co-authored: Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects


Implementations and Technologies

Students and Teaching

I had the honor to supervise the following talented MIT students:


  • Kelly Ran (EE)
  • Marcelo Polanco (CS)


  • Sophia Wu (MechE)
  • Michael Chang (EE/CS)
  • Emma Castaños (MechE)
  • Sabrine Ahmed Iqbal (MechE)
  • Connie Liu (MechE)
  • Albert Wu (EE/CS)
  • Happy Enchill (EE/CS)
  • Tal Tchwella (EE/CS)
  • Erik Waingarten (Mathematics)
  • Kwadwo Nyarko (EE/CS)
  • Yashod S Jayasinghe (EE/CS)
  • Kerry Xing (EE/CS)
  • Kevin Mustelier (EE/CS)
Thank you all.

I completed the TLL Teaching Certificate Program in June 2013. I strongly recommend to anyone, not just for those who want to become teachers.