+ Double Exposure

The concept of this project was to have two photo booths in two separate locations, in this case the MIT Media Lab and Media Lab Europe, that people could enter and have their picture taken and printed with someone that had simultaneously done the same at the other end of the connection, or alternatively their photo would be composed with people that have previously been in that booth. The software was implemented in Director using two CCD cameras and video capture cards at both Jonah Brucker Cohen’s and my workstation, but the full physical installation was never completed.

The use of the well-established photobooth form lends to the novelty of the experience, introducing a new element to the standard script of the photobooth experience that redefines it with a fresh technical vocabulary. But the vocabulary is specific to this application, as the concept does not extend to a less contained space, for example a public courtyard or classroom, that is used in a variety of ways that has more complicated functions.

Double Exposure Page
Concept sketch for the version of DoubleExposure implemented. And below, concept sketch for the different scenarios for use, including 2 booths that are spatially remote, 2 booths that are both spatially and temporally remote, and a single booth that keeps an ongoing memory of everyone that has been through it.