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Formed  December 08 in Missoula, MT
Years Active 
Group Members  Ptron Jbot Mr. Sparkz Robot Ice Cream Machines

Francis Baconology, Purity Vacuum, Choose Your Own Adventure, Overexposed, Jesus Freakish

Styles  Damn Dude Rock, Post-No Hands Noise, CNCcore, Neo-Ambient-Prog Studfinder
Tones  Biocompatible, Catatonik, Visceral, Telepathic, Lumpy, Bionic, Log-ridden, Manic, Scalable, Death Machine-ish, Sleepy
Labels  Poladroid (33)
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myspacebarsticks' bionic guitars and x-ray vision tunings have set their place as one of the most influental Damn-Dude Rock bands of the decade. Jbot had just received his Hans Moravec award for his amazing, sublimating, handstand, wall-climbing, go kart hi-jacking robot when he decided to forgoe his robotics career to pursue his lifetime goal of being in the Guinness Book of World Records for riding the Zipper the longest without throwing up. In 2001, he made it in, after riding the Zipper at the Grosse Point Country Club Fair for ten consecutive days, after which he puked for two consecutive days, rendering most of the country club members unfit for socializing and filling their two olympic sized pools with the remains of his fried dough and grilled corn from twelve days ago. In 2001, Ptron was across the country in Berkeley, CA, pursuing her lifelong goals of obtaining her Green Card and being on the 1 cent stamp.

Somehow they both ended up in the belly of the same sperm whale off of the gulf of Mashed Potatoes in 2002. After a few rounds of "Did you know.." and a few shots of tequilla, they began work on their first Album See Enn See Mee. In April, they decided to found their own cult and to start a Cambridge, MA branch of Name That Nazi Players and then Ptron got sick and couldn't finish this anymore....happy birthday mister. — Heather Phares & MacKenzie Wilson

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Roots and Influences: Sea and the Cake Wilco Clinic Le Tigre Fugazi Ladytron Trans Am Midwest Product Iggy Pop NPR
Worked With: AaronEdsinger Frank Garvey Dr. Graefy Big League Banks Steve Austin Clown Cult BurlapSquat No. 2 Big Jake Leinad Wonder Woman Jamba
more Energizing, Exciting 
Denser, Thicker 
Harsher, more Aggressive 
Colder, Firmer 
Brighter, more Dynamic 
more Plain, Simple 
Darker, more Pessimistic 
more Sensual, Playful 
 more Soothing, Relaxing
 Lighter, Freer
 Gentler, more Peaceful
 Warmer, Softer
 more Low Key, Calmer
 more Elaborate, Sophisticated
 Lighter, more Cheerful
 more Sober, Arranged
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Igor's Radar - from: "High T Maps"
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Special Effects   
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1990 SeeEnnSeeMee   Poladroid
1991 TheWashingMachineTragedy   Poladroid
1993 MotoFoto  


1995 IncognitoMosquito   Poladroid
1998 RadiusCircumference   Poladroid
2002 AccidentalAffinity   Poladroid
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1990 DoubleExposure Poladroid  
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1988 qwerty   Poladroid  
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2002 PeptoBizmobile   Polavision b
2002 SparklyCave   Polavision b
2002 FriedDough   Polavision v
2002 DippingDots   Polavision  
2002 AssMoca   Polavision  
2002 RobotWars   Polavision  
2002 DippingDotsII   Polavision  
2002 Spin   Polavision  
2002 AmazingTelepathicGyroscope   Polavision  
2002 OrangePopsicle   Polavision  
2002 SwimmingWithSharks   Robotronik  
2002 Gravitational   Polavision  
2002 Parutron2002   Robotronik  
2002 TopTeeTier   Polavision  
2002 Truckin'   Polavision  
2002 CCDStatic   Polavision  
2002 Vertigo   Polavision  
2002 TreeFalling   Polavision  
2002 SingleSpeed   Polavision  
2002 BloodyMary   Polavision  
2003 FourBears   Robotronik  
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One Legged Men  3am (2000) Wintamaya
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Frank Garvey  Omnicircus
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  Electronique Supermarket  by  Skanfrom
  I am a Scientist by  Dopplereffekt
  Drown   by  Black Tambourine
  Chi e Non   by  Blonde Redhead 
  Lover I Don't Have to Love  by  Bright Eyes
  Alle Auf Passe  by Couch 
  Extractions  by  BS2000 
  Superball   by  Helium

Feel the Pain   by  Dinosaur Jr.

  Untamed   by  Beat Happening


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Bright, Dynamic, Ornate Low Key, Calm, MelancholicN/A
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  • Lali Puna
  • Yo La Tengo
  • Jem Cohen
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Aleksandr Rodchenko
  • Calexico
  • John Lurie


  • The New Year: Newness Ends
  • Yo La Tengo: And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
  • Blue Ribbon: Holy Hangover


Underground Missoula is connected by throngs of catacombs which bred tiny
brown trolls at one time. Known by the early settlers as "groundhogs," these little creatures were seldom friendly. With the arrival of cars, the Missoula brown trolls went extinct. Long known for embracing alternative lifestyles, Missoula is now proudly
home to the largest group of practicing cannibals in the continental United states and is glad to be recognized as the childhood home of jbot.

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