lorem ipsum books. (more (recent) pictures coming soon).

the goal was to take this ex-bicycle shop space and turn it into a space of cultural interest and curiosity which also happened to sell books of interest and curiosity. my friend and media lab collaborator matt mankins decided that the used bookstore experience was in danger of extinction and i feared that our sense of shared public experience was in danger of extinction. he went in search of books and viewmasters and i went in search of lights, shelves, photobooths, mexican candy, page-turning robots, large format brakes, polyvinyl bags that read “i like to reed” and together we are trying to add something to our community that we think it could use.

my work as the designer and creative director has included standard interior design (choosing the colors of the walls), industrial design (designing the shelves, lighting, signage), and interaction design (layout, media elements, dispay). the most rewarding part of the project has been the collaborative discussion on what kind of events and instances that we would like to create in and through this space.

lorem ipsum books