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Welcome to Shing Jewels. The photos here are representative of the type of jewelry work I love to do. I work with gold-filled, silver and semi-precious stones. You may purchase one of these pieces or work with me to design your own unique earrings, necklace or bracelet. Depending on how long it takes to execute a design, and the quality of the stones, pieces tend to cost $40 to $250. If you'd like specifics on any one of the items shown or if you'd like to explore another design, please contact me. Thanks for checking out my work!

Ruby and Friends

Amethyst, Lemon Quartz,

Red Coral and Pearl

Amethyst And Pearl

Tiered Fire Opal

Ruby Pearl Drops

Multi-stone bracelet

Tourmalines bracelet

Silver, gold and labradorite
grapevine necklace

Silver and gold keum boo pendant

Arcadian amazonite pendant

Sliver stacking rings:
citrine, white topaz, blue topaz, garnet

Citrine, white topaz, garnet rings

Pink sapphire cascade earrings

Garnet Drops

Sterling Ginko Leaves

Natural Ruby and Pearl

Pearl Cascade

Inner: Goldstone pendant
Outer: Large Citrine

Sapphire, Pearl and Zirc

Smoky Topaz

Citrine Cascade

Sterling Slices

Iolite, Peridot and Citrine

Multi-stone pendant

Upper: Citrine bracelet
Lower: Peridot and Pearl necklace

Turquiose pendant

14K gold, Tourmaline, Peridot
and Citrine earrings

Peridot Amethyst Necklace

These items take longer because I have to order materials:


Ruby and Amethyst Chandelier