Globetoddler is a system that aims to make remote communication more fun and easy for yong children and their traveling parents. The system uses an embodied interface (doll) in order to support and create more engaging, affective, and tangible interactions than conventional technologies, such as phones, can offer.


Going My Way is a mobile user-aware route planner. The system learns a user’s everyday routes and provides directions from locations along those routes. The directions provided by the system are based on personal landmarks rather than street names and intersections. The main goal of Going My Way is to reduce the user’s cognitive load by simplifying and personalizing directions.


The Fitness Actuation Tool (FAT) is a partly wearable software agent-based system that helps people exercise. FAT serves essential training control, by supplying straight-forward and personalized voice commands. Unlike many other training devices, FAT has been designed especially to adapt to the user’s current level of motivation, in order to improve the overall user experience.


Monkey To Go is a mobile extension of Monkey Business, our animatronic, remote-awareness network. Cell phones, running our MonkeyToGo application, can easily be added to the network in order to interact with and receive information from the agents in real time.


Monkey Business furthers the Speech & Mobility Group's work with animatronic agents, as seen earlier with Stefan Marti's Cellular Squirrel. The system is a peer-to-peer network of animatronic monkeys that act as audio-enabled agents, keeping members of a distributed group of people informed about each other's current state and level of availability.


Tiltle is a novel interface for exploring dynamic balance using the metaphor of a traditional scale. Rather than comparing physical weights, Tiltle can be used to contrast digital data in different domains.

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[MS Thesis] Globetoddler [pdf]
[MS Thesis] Globetoddler Project Movie [Youtube]
[Paper] Globetoddler: designing for remote interaction between preschoolers and their traveling parents @ CHI'08 [ACM]
[Poster - link will be made public shortly] Going My Way: a user-aware route planner @ UbiComp'08


[Thesis Proposal] Globetoddler [pdf]
[Paper] The Fitness Actuation Tool (FAT) [pdf]
[Movie] The Fitness Actuation Tool (FAT) [Google Video]


[Project report] Autism Theory and Technology: Emotional arousal in individuals with ASD [pdf]
[Paper] TILTle: exploring dynamic balance [pdf] (In Proceedings of DPPI'07)
[Project website] MySpace Pattern Recognition Project [html]
[Slide Presentation] MySpace project presentation [zip/ppt]
[Paper] Toward Lighthearted Mobile Non-verbal Expression [pdf]
[MS Thesis] Monkey Business - Creating social awareness among distributed group members [zip]
[Paper] Senseario: An interactive application for improving emotional awareness in high-functioning autistics [pdf]
[Project Report] Wallpaper [pdf]
[Movie] Wallpaper [zip]


[Paper] Framtidens datorspel: Pervasive Gaming (sida 107) [pdf]
[Flash movie (Swedish)] Pervasive Gaming [zip/.exe]
[Paper] Publicering av personuppgifter [pdf]
[Essay] Essa om "flow" [pdf]
[Essay] Essa om tid [pdf]


[Take-home exam] Hemtentamen i Audioteknik (fraga #1 designad och skriven av mig) [pdf]
[Game Concept] Dream Date Factory (spelkoncept) [pdf]
[Paper] Audiovisual Attentive User Interfaces - Attending to the needs and actions of the user [pdf]


[Paper (German)] Autonome Intelligente Systeme [pdf]
[Paper] Kampen om hjartan och sinnen - informationskrigforing pa 2000-talet [pdf]
[Project report] Livscykelanalys (LCA) av en pizza [pdf]
[Take-home exam] Hemtentamen i Industriell ekonomi [pdf]
[Paper] Stockholm City - Ur ledningens perspektiv [pdf]


[Paper] Affordances - en rapport om kognition och kommunikation [pdf]


[Project report] Folklore bland barn [pdf]

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
Diploma/Transcript KTH [pdf]
Transcript HUT [pdf]
Recommendation Letter, Henry Lieberman, MIT Media Lab [pdf]
Recommendation Letter, Chris Schmandt, MIT Media Lab [pdf]
Recommendation Letter, Nils Enlund, KTH [pdf]
Recommendation Letter, Sten Ternstrom, KTH [pdf]
Recommendation Letter, Phillip Lindberg, Nokia Design [pdf]
Rekommendationsbrev, Marita Rendert, CSN [pdf]

Ny Teknik - "Apskoj att programmera robotar" (November 2008)
Tekniska muséet - "Nördar" ( August 2008)
Aftonbladet - "Nu är nörden cool - och tjej" (August 2008)
Svenska Dagbladet/E24 - "De drömmer om en traineeutbildning" (October 2008)
Skärgårdsnytt - "Jordbrotjejerna är bäst" (June 1999)

Geek Girl Meetup (October 24, 2009)
Geek Girl Meetup - "Framtiden är snart här - medietrender de närmsta åren" (March 28, 2009)
Geek Girl Meetup - "Apornas invasion av kontorslivet - tekniska och sociala leksaker" (March 28, 2009)
KTH Medieteknik NLG Inspirationskväll (November 13, 2008)
KTH Medieteknik "stormöte" - Studera utomlands (November 7, 2008)
Tekniska muséets nördcafé - "Om att skapa och umgås med robotar" (October 22, 2008)
KTH Medieteknik åk 1 - Lärdomar av studietiden (October 15, 2008)
MIT Media Lab Sponsor Week - "Globetoddler" (April 2, 2008)
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