This is Paulina. She is a happy, newly graduated MIT student. More specifically, she just finished her studies in the Speech and Mobility Group at the MIT Media Lab. Paulina loves people; she loves to learn about how people think and behave; what they like and what they dislike. Actually, to tell you the truth, Paulina probably likes people more than she likes technology. She sometimes thinks that technology is pretty predictable, and uses technology merely as an excuse to explore the human mind. You see, somewhere down the winding road of research, Paulina realized that the way we interact with, interpret and shape objects reveals who we are. Thus, if you were to meet Paulina, she would probably say something like:

"Show me what you would do with this lever, and I will tell you who you are."

Anyway, enjoy. The website contains huge amounts of information, but considering the fact that you managed to find the website in the first place, it seems like you know what you're doing. Paulina's CV can be dowloaded here, and if there is anything you want to tell, ask, or share with Paulina, send an email here.

And oh, just one more thing that you should know before you go: Paulina is not in it for the money.

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