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A. Juels, R. Pappu, and B. Parno, Unidirectional Key Distribution Across Time and Space with Applications to RFID Security, Submitted to USENIX Security 2008 (pdf)

    Preprint available at IACR's eprint archive

Y. Maguire, R. Pappu, An Optimal Q-Algorithm For ISO 18000-6C UHF RFID, Submitted to IEEE Transactions in Automation Science and Engineering, January 2007.

refereed journal publications

W. Plesniak, M. Halle, V.M. Bove, J. Barabas, R. Pappu, Reconfigurable Image Projection Holograms, Journal of Optical Engineering, November 2006. (pdf)

S. Garfinkel, A. Juels, R. Pappu, RFID Privacy: An Overview of Problems and Proposed Solutions, IEEE Security and Privacy, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp. 34-43, May-June 2005. (pdf)

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R. Pappu, Nonuniformly sampled computer-generated holograms, Journal of Optical Engineering, June 1996. (pdf)


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R. Pappu, Applications of Wavelets in Signal Processing and Communications, M.S. thesis, Villanova University, 1993.

R. Pappu, Triple Correlations, B.S. thesis, Osmania University, 1991.

book chapters

W. Plesniak, R. Pappu, J. Underkoffler, M. Lucente, P. St. Hilaire, Computational Display Holography, To appear in Holographic Imaging, S. A. Benton and V. M. Bove, March 2007.

W. Plesniak, R. Pappu, and S. Benton, Tangible, Dynamic Holographic Images, Three-Dimensional Holographic Imaging, eds: C. J. Kuo and M. H. Tsai, John Wiley & Sons, 2002. (pdf)

conference papers and technical reports

R. Pappu, Physical One-Way Functions, CryptoBytes Technical Newsletter, RSA Laboratories, Vol. 6, No. 2, Summer 2003. (pdf)

A. Juels, R. Pappu, Squealing Euros: Privacy Protection in RFID-enabled banknotes, Proceedings of the Financial Cryptography '03 conference, 2003. (pdf)

M. Reynolds, J. Richards, S.Pathare, H. Tsai, Y. Maguire, R. Post, R. Pappu, B. Schoner, Multi-Band, Low-Cost EPC Tag Reader, AutoID Center Tech Report MIT-AUTOID-WH- 0121, 2002. (pdf)

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W. Plesniak and R. Pappu, Coincident display using haptics and holographic video, Proceedings of ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Los Angeles, 1998. (pdf)

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S. S. Rao and R. Pappu, Nonlinear Time Series Prediction Using Wavelet Networks, Proceedings of the World Congress on Neural Networks, 1993.


US Patent 7075412, Method and apparatus for operating a radio device, 2006. (link)

US Patent 6584214, Identification and verification using 3D features, 2003. (link)

US Patent 6211848, Dynamic Holographic Video with Haptic Interaction, 2001. (link)



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