OWT, A Midi Player with Real-time Optimal Tuning Adjustment

Larry Polansky
Dept. of Music, Dartmouth College

Dan Rockmore
Dept. of Math, Dept. of Computer Science, Dartmouth College

Micah K. Johnson
Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Douglas Repetto
Computer Music Center, Dept. of Music, Columbia University

Wei Pan
Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This software is being maintained by Wei Pan (panwei.pway    AT       gmail DOT com). Any question and suggestions are welcome. This work was mainly accomplished while Wei Pan was a graduate student in Dartmouth College.

Source code available upon request. This is software together with the source code is free for academic-based activities.

However, we reserve all copy rights, so please contact us for other usage.

Theory Background

This software is part of the Optimal Tuning Systems project,  Papers are available there. Also see our ICMC'08 project page.

System Requirements

This is a JAVA-based software. You have to download JAVA version > 1.6.0, which could be found here( for any platforms except OSX) and here (OSX).

This software works with Mircosoft Windows XP, Linux (recently tested) and Mac OSX. For better performance, we recommend use the Mircosoft Windows XP or Linux with Sun Java systems (not OpenJDK). There is huge delay in playing MIDI under Mac OSX. This is due to the fact that Apple maintains its own JAVA virtual machines instead of SUN on Mac OSX.

 This software uses a MIDI synthesizer for tone generating. The soft-synthesizers built in Windows XP ( Roland XG Soft synth) and Mac OSX  are good enough for demonstration purpose. For linux, Sun JRE comes with a software syntesizer.  However, you can use any other MIDI soft synthesizers or hardware synthesizers instead.

Screen Shots


The software (work both for Mac OSX and Windows) could be downloaded here. It is a simple JAR file. Double click to run it. Notice this file is under active development. So you are welcome to come back frequently for latest version.

Software Update History:

Time Event
Jan 16,1008 Initial Release
Jan 17,2008 ver 0.1
Feb 20,
ver 0.2
Aug 22, 2008 ver 0.3
Aug 24,
ver 0.4
1 output tuning systems into Scala format.
2 using gray scale to show different interval weights.
3 bug fixes.


The PDF format manul could be downloaded here. Any suggestions/questions is welcome, please address them to panwei.pway --AT- gmail DOT com.

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Last Updated Aug 14,2009

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