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Human beings form their identity in many different ways, such as, choosing friends, selecting lifestyle and appearance, and forming opinions on certain things. Some people follow the rules of being part of a certain group completely; some people try to be different within a specific group. There are many things that influence what we are, some are apparent and some are subtler.

One of the things that attracted me as a photographer to portraiture is the magic of encapsulating so many levels of information, emotions, and messages in one single snap shot.
The viewer, at one glance, gets a sense of the subject’s personality, life style, views and emotions. The viewer also gets to sense the artist point of view and opinion of the subject.
Our ability to process so much information from so little input is powerful and intriguing.
When we view a portrait, we process the external appearance of things alongside emotions that evoke from things like, the expression of the subject, the composition and lighting of the image, and the point of view of the artist.
As an artist I was drawn to explore this relationship of the subject-viewer-artist and what affects the way we experience art.

Still, there is something about a moving image that connects better with memories and emotions. When we remember something it is always in motion, yet it is not a full movie, it’s more like fractions of time, few seconds of moving image. Since we take images of people and events in order to preserve the memory, I decided to explore the idea of a gesture, a moving image (a sequence of few images) as an interesting way to preserve and experience past memories. Those ideas started my exploration of the moving portraits.

I explore people, relationships, emotions, context and the interdependency between them. I do it using nuances, layers, complexity through simplicity and esthetics.



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