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charlie  (With Pattie Maes and David Gatenby) exhibited in imagina 2004.

We did this prototype for Imagina 2004 that is held every year in Monaco:
In this era of video games and 3d computer graphics characters, people are used to interacting with computer-generated personalities. Although these characters are quite realistic in their movements and behaviors, the interactivity they offer to a user has so far been very one-dimensional and simplistic. Characters in video games and 3D computer graphics do not offer the same emotional connection we have to real humans.
The aim of the Evocative Portrait project is to advance the state of the art by offering a more open-ended engaging interaction with a character.
A picture frame displays a black-and-white picture of a person. When a viewer approaches this portrait, the character in the portrait starts interacting with the viewer.
The character portrayed in the portrait is "believable" in the same sense that characters in non-interactive media are (characters in theater, books and movies), but in addition the character can be highly interactive and the viewer-character interactivity can be quite complex. This research is the first step of creating a character that will have a wide range of behaviors and an underlying cognitive architecture that will allow it to have moods, to remember people and previous interactions, all of which will contribute to its complex, believable behavior. January 2004.

Click to see a video of the interaction
Prince Albert, imagina, moving portraits
  prince albert, imagina, moving portraits
Prince Albert watching "Charlie" at Imagina, Kan 2004

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