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Snowflake screen saver Screen Shot

flakey saver

[ snowflake screen-saver for os X ]

well, its getting colder in new england. getting ready for the holdiays? it puts me in mind of the time jon maeda asked us to participate in a 'snowflake-athon' at the media lab. this is still not complete, no pref-panel yet.

download: flakeysaver0.6.zip (92KB)

VidFreaker Screen Shot


[ screen-saver for os X ]

video freaker takes your video files in a specified directory and creates a real-time video collage, using portions of the imagery within constantly changing layouts. Fun and arresting.

requires: requires quicktime 7.0+

download:vidfreaker.dmg (92KB unversal binary)

FlipBooker Screen Shot

DYI Flipbooks

[ flip books from digital mov files ]

FlipBooker is a free program that lets you print any quicktime readable movie file. the printout or PDF is designed to be cut, and stapled to form a flipbook. Its free, but you need to do all the printing, cutting, and stapling yourself. Makes entertaining old fashioned flipable movies.

requires quicktime 7.0+

download: flipbooker.dmg (92KB PPC only)

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