Personal Information Architecture Group
Away Team

Michael Hawley leads the Personal Information Architecture group at the MIT Media Laboratory. Maria Redin does virtually everything (solder, code, solder, code, call, order, solder...). Rob Poor is the hired soldering gun for the Everest project. He likes building things.
Matt Lau is the GPS and environmental sensor specialist. He is the lead developer on the dataCam and geoPak projects. Natalia Marmasse makes herself useful helping with software/hardware for biopacks. Also in charge of gear. Jesse Darley is the mechanical designer on the team. Resposibilities include the design and manufacture of the BioPak vests and the Summit Probe.

Home Team:

Joanne Broekhuizen - making sure things are smooth
Rich Fletcher - weather station
Kristin Hall - making sure things are smoother
Brad Geilfuss - web/visualization
Chris Metcalfe - RF Communications, Video Encoding, and owner of one cool dog!
Raffi Krikorian - server
Rehmi Post - weather station camera
Matt Reynolds - weather station
Andy Wheeler - bus architecture