Hot Sites
As the expedition gets underway, The Mountain Zone is covering the story with pictures and day to day stories. A wealth of knowledge on Everest, the NOVA site covers a 1997 filming expedition up Everest
Media Coverage
ABC online news will be following the event. We will point you to their latest coverage from here. USA TODAY science reporter Tim Friend will accompany the expedition. This is a link to USA TODAY's 4/24 article.
Other interesting links
Kodak provided the digital cameras which are being carried by the support crew and cameras being carried by the climbers. AT&T is handling the transfer of data from Everest to you. Their site will carry video broadcast from the climbers.

The Yale Surgery department, which has been pioneering in the telemedicine field. Home site of the Boston Museum of Science, started by Brad Washburn who is the honorary leader of this Everest Expedition.

The Explorers Club is an international multidisciplinary, professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research and scientific exploration, and the ideal that it is vital to preserve the instinct to explore. At the TEDMED2 around May 13-16, 1998, a real live broadcast of the climbers on Everest, what they are seeing, their continuous vital signs and their exact position will be transmitted to the audience.

The Marathon Man project is the MIT Media Lab's PIA group's first 'black box' research project examining remote bio-sensing.