attached to each of the cameras carried by the climbers and members of our team are small "black boxes" (in this case gray).

inside each box is a Trimble GPS receiver (front) to get the latitude and longitude that each picture is taken at via satellite signals, and

a Precision Navigation, Inc. digital compass, to determine the direction the camera is facing. The cool "bubble" piece senses inclination.

The top two images are windows from a working demo of our prototype DataCam here at the lab. The prototype camera encodes its data onto an audio channel on a Sony DV video camera. As we play back the video on the right side window, we decode the GPS data and plot it onto a sky view of the area. In this case the right side is video footage taken from a bike ride through Cambridge, which one follows in a helicopter fly by on the left side.
In order to facilitate getting images from the field to our server, we are using Kodak DC210 digital cameras.