Nelson Minar's Master's Thesis

My master's thesis was submitted to MIT for graduation in September, 1998. It describes a distributed agents system I built called "Straum" and contains many of my ideas for building new kinds of Internet software out of distributed systems and mobile agents. I am actively continuing this research as part of my PhD program here at the Media Lab. Comments are welcome!

The thesis is quite long (92 pages) so I feel a bit awkward putting it online. I hope to turn out a couple of more compact papers about this work. I will put a note here when those are written. You can download the postscript; it's colour (but will look fine in black and white), a bit over 2 megs uncompressed. The abstract, acknowledgements, and hyperlinked bibliography are also here on this page.

Designing an Ecology of Distributed Agents
by Nelson Minar
Copyright © 1998 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All rights reserved.


The Internet is a rich environment for computation. There is a need for design principles to organize distributed computational activity on the Internet, something analogous to the way the World Wide Web is an organizing principle for documents. This thesis introduces the idea of an ecology of distributed agents as a paradigm for building distributed software. Computers run servers that are local environments of computation. Applications are built out of agents that live in these servers. Mobile agents move to servers to use local resources and servers support agent query services to allow agents to discover each other and communicate information over the network. A system that creates an ecology of distributed agents, Straum, is presented with a technical discussion of its implementation. Two applications, communicating user presence and monitoring server activity, are presented along with sketches of other possible applications. Straum and the underlying design paradigm are evaluated with respect to other distributed systems research. Finally, ideas for future work are presented, plans towards making the Internet a natural environment for computational activity.


I am very grateful for the advice and support of my advisor, Pattie Maes, for her feedback and for keeping me focussed in my research. The comments and time given by my readers Mitchel Resnick and Judith Donath have greatly improved and clarified this work. Thank you to MIT UROP Kyle Jamieson for his contributions to the Straum software and to UROP Maggie Oh for designing agent icons. The dist-obj community has been a wonderful forum for discussing ideas about distributed systems; I am particularly thankful for the continued input of Ron Resnick, Joe Kiniry, and Mark Baker. Finally, I owe a lot to my friend and colleague Kwin Kramer. Our conversations and work together have greatly influenced this thesis.


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