Kinesis Keyboard Quick Reference

I'm a huge fan of the Kinesis keyboard, a countoured keyboard that has significantly helped my hands. If you're looking for a keyboard alternative, check out the Kinesis. It may seem expensive, but it's well worth it - excellent design and excellent construction. Besides, isn't your health worth it?

I can never remember the magic keys to press to access features like remapping, so I made this quick reference website. If you have any additions, please email me. Kinesis finally put this info (and more) online as well.

Progrm-foo means press the key marked "Progrm", hold it down, then press the key "foo", then release both. "Foo/bar" means toggle between foo and bar. Not all features are available on all keyboards.

Progrm-Ctrl-F10   Reset keyboard memory 

Progrm-Backslash  Toggle keyclick mode 
Progrm-Hyphen     Toggle tones for caps lock, etc. 
Progrm-F9-xx      Change repeat rate to xx 
                    F1 .5 cps  F2  3 cps F3  5 cps  F4   7 cps  F5   10 cps  F6   15 cps
                    F7 20 cps  F8 30 cps F9 40 cps  F10 60 cps  F11 125 cps  F12 300 cps 

Progrm-Ctrl-F5    Toggle Dvorak/Qwerty mode 

Progrm-Shift-F6   Toggle shift as sticky modifier 
Progrm-Ctrl-F6    Toggle control as sticky modifier 
Progrm-Alt-F6     Toggle alt as sticky modifier 

Progrm-F12        Enter/exit remapping mode 

Progrm-F11        Enter/exit macro definition mode 
Progrm-F7         Make macro pause for data / End entering macro data 
Progrm-F8         Put a half-second delay into a macro 
Progrm-F10        Disable/Enable all macros

Shift-Shift-F12   Report firmware version (press both shift keys)

Nelson Minar Created: July 13, 1999
<> Updated: January 20, 2002