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    I am a visiting research scientist at Facebook AI working with Jessica Hodgins. I graduated from MIT advised by Cynthia Breazeal. My interests are in understanding the underlying principles behind robotic systems that can communicate with humans. This includes both responding to human nonverbal signals as well as generating those signals as well. I prefer to synthesize commonly understood cognitive processes toward this end. Nick on the beach

    Recent updates

    • [Oct. 2019] I’m currently a guest editor for the Special Issue for the Journal of Community Well Being. Please consider submitting your research on the Intersections of Artificial Intelligence and Community Well-Being!
    • [Nov. 2019] Transitioned from Samsung Research of America to Facebook AI.
    • [Jul.-Nov. 2019] Co-organized AAAI Fall Symposium Series Artificial Intelligence and Human-Robot Interaction for Service Robots in Human Environments (website)
    • [Dec. 2018] NeurIPS workshop paper on Minority report detection in refugee-authored journalism using RBMs accepted.